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1. There may be capacity tolerance for our glass perfume bottles and cream jars, due to the variation in perfume/cream density, and the size tolerances, etc.
2. Different batch of products may come with varied aluminum electro plating, spray painting color and injection color, etc.
3. The printing ink on the bottle will possibly fall off because of immersion in liquid.
4. The pump pressing out quantity is 0.2~0.3cc. For first time use the pump, please press it to the utmost bottom. After press out some material, user can arbitrarily control press out quantity.
5. We can design and print the products according to customers' requirements. However, if there is any violation of laws (copyright infringement, etc.), clients have to take all the responsibilities.
6. The product size, capacity and material, etc. on printed catalogues and website are subject to change without prior notice. Hence, the actual technical specification for our products is in compliance with the specification you desired and is the same as corresponding product sample.

Other Products
  • 100ml-500ml Glass Perfume BottleA perfume bottle not only comes in varied sizes, shapes, and weights, etc., it also comes with different materials. In addition to glass bottles, there are also gold, silver, porcelain, and stone perfume containers.
  • Cream JarOur cream jar is made of glass, and is an ideal container for cosmetics and perfumes as well. The decoration for our cream jar include spraying, frosting, silk screen printing, hot stamping, and metal brush.
    Jutico International is ...
  • Roll-On Bottle Material: The roll-on bottle is made of glass
    Sealing Type: Pump Sprayer
    Decoration: sprayed, frosted, silk screen printed, hot stamped, metal brushed
    Application: The roll-on bottle can be used as the container for various cosmetics.
  • 15ml Glass Perfume BottleThis page is designed to show you our different types of 15ml glass perfume bottles! Yes! As what you thought, we can offer a wide range of glass perfume bottle coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, etc. Whatever your taste, our 15ml glass...
  • Plastic CapMaterial: PLASTIC BALL+PP
    Item No.: 967
    Neck Type: SCREW
    Mould type: Public
    Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • ABS Cap (UV Plated) Material: ABS+PP INNER
    Item No.: 501
    Neck size : 18mm
    Use: The ABS Cap (UV Plated) is a personal care product and is ideal for use on perfume bottles and cosmetic bottles.
  • K Resin Cap Material: K RESIN
    Item No.: 544
    Mould type: Public
    Use: The K Resin Cap is a personal care product and is ideal for use on perfume bottles ..
  • Cream Jar Cap Material: PP+SOFT PAD
    Item No.: 614
    Neck Type: SCREW
    Use: This Cream Jar Cap is a personal care product and is ideal for use on cream jars ...