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As a China cosmetic cap manufacturer and supplier, Jutico International offers a vast range of products that includes 100ml glass perfume bottle, cream jar, PP cosmetic cap, roll-on bottle, 50ml glass perfume bottle, ABS Cap (UV Plated), and more.

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  • 15ml Glass Perfume BottleThis page is designed to show you our different types of 15ml glass perfume bottles! Yes! As what you thought, we can offer a wide range of glass perfume bottle coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, etc. Whatever your taste, our 15ml glass perfume bottle is an ideal gift for a special occasion, such as an anniversary...
  • 15-50ml Glass Perfume Bottle If you are a perfume manufacturer, our 15ml-50ml glass perfume bottles are also ideal for you to distribute your perfume and then share the perfume with all the others.
    Although each type of perfume has its own perfume bottle, our glass perfume bottle can be used to.
  • 50ml Glass Perfume BottleIf you are a perfume manufacturer looking for 50ml glass perfume bottle to distribute your perfumes, you have come into the right page. We can design different types of 50ml glass perfume bottle according to customers' demands.
    There are many famous perfume bottle designers on the world.
  • 50-100ml Glass Perfume Bottle We at Jutico can offer customized 50ml-100ml glass perfume bottle to suit customers varied demands. You can use our 50ml-100ml glass perfume bottle to contain a great variety of perfumes and fragrances, etc., such as Arpege by Lanvin, Gucci Guilty by Gucci, Acqua Di Gio men's ...